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Windows XP Pocket Reference For the Home & Professional version Author: Gary Camp, publication date: 08/01/2002 Size: 6 3/4" x 3 1/2", pages: 112. binding: Paperback
Comprehensive and concise description of the most important and revolutionary features of the Microsoft XP operating system. Tips,Tricks and Traps hard to find elsewhere. Fresh ideas to get the most out of Windows XP. Step by step easy to follow explanations of the most productive and useful functions. From the Desktop to Networking and from multi-boot to NTFS & FAT.  
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Elcomp Publishing,Inc. is established since 1979. It is one of the few publishers worldwide who started to inform the computer user in the early days of the microprocessor revolution. Elcomp Publishing published books for all major personal computers, their operating systems and application software since then. Our authors are very experienced and with this background knowledge you are always insured to find excellent content and practical advice for your daily use of computer hardware and software.


Windows XP is the latest and most powerful operating system in the PC world. It is based on the stable and reliable NT/Win 2000 kernel. This Pocket Reference will give you the know how, hands on information as well as the necessary step by step instructions to get the most out of your XP operating system. (Home Edition and Professional Edition) Windows XP is actually more than just an operating system. With XP you get, depending on the version: A media player, a movie maker, an image management system, a firewall, a CD-ROM burner, the famous IE Explorer for the Web, a Messenger, remote assistance and a powerful wizard to set up a network in almost no time without the hassle of installing protocols and services by hand. The professional version of XP even gives you Remote Desktop, wireless networking support, and a stripped down versions of Internet Information Services IIS Version 5. You can pump out knowledge from this book, which you probably never thought of. The author even shows you how you can make DOS programs work under XP, how to network and much more. At any possible station the author will come up with suggestions, hints, tips and tricks you never would have thought of. You will love this book! And all this fits into your shirt pocket. Here is what Marc van Abshoven wrote us from Boca Raton, FL:
Windows XP Pocket Reference......"everything you need to know to get the most out of your Windows XP operating system!"
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