UNIX V Pocket Reference

Stop wasting your time searching in bulky and overblown high priced books.
Now use the Bitfire Pocket Reference.
Fits in your shirt pocket and gets you the information you really need with a minimum of hand holding.


UNIX V Pocket Reference from Bitfire (R) Books in Upland California

UNIX System V is the original AT&T Unix version announced in 1983. It is the Unix version most widely used - even today. It practcally is the accepted, universal standard. Sytem V contains many of the 4.1 BSD enhancements. It features Interprocess Communication (IPC) which employs named pipes, messages, shared memory and semaphores. Perfect for all Linux users
This handy Pocket Reference will be your constant companion . Here you will find everything you need to know about UNIX including a comprehensive list of UNIX / LINUX commands with their options.

Use it with all UNIX versions and all LINUX distributions.
Most of the commands are explained by providing very useful sample code. The appendix shows interesting sample data to explain in detail on how the commands work in connection with data by comparing the listed files with the result of the sample input. 88 pages. Brand new and unused.