Oportunities for dealers, distributors and individuals who want to work with us and sell our books and software. Please call us at the office during business hours (909) 949-0262 same as fax

Acrylic Display holds 20 copies

Dealers wanted
We are looking for dealers and distributors who want to paticipate with us in the success of our best selling Pocket Reference Books. Here is an outstanding oportunity for you to make money. Sell at your store or take our books to local computer swap meets.Even sell them on e-bay.

With your first order we will provide you with a nice looking display stand. (See picture on the left)
Ask about our software (application software) which runs under MS-DOS, DR DOS or at the Win command line.DOS is still around and plays a major roll in troubleshooting, data recovery and

diagnostic as well as in maintenance and error prevention.
Nothing beats the DOS command line prompt when it comes to dead hard drives and lost files.Please take a look at our MS-DOS Pocket Reference and the Great Book of Batch Jobs here on this website.
Contact us today!

The rotating spinner
here (image on the right) holds up to 200 Pocket References and measures only 30" x 11" diameter. The rack uses only the space of a letter sized magazine on your sales counter.

Please ask for this spinner. Limited quantity only.

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