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 This powerful Productivity Software runs under DOS and Windows in DOS mode

ISBN: 0911827102

TITLE: The World's Easiest Database

AUTHOR: Roberts, Samuel D.

DESCRIPTION: This is book-software combination. (book plus 3.5" diskette) It is an object oriented database. Just enter random misc. information into your computer. Then search, select and sort. No fields required. Extremely easy to use. Runs under MS-DOS and /or any Windows environment. New: Works great under Windows XP. Can be installed and run under Windows 95/98. Very small, needs almost no disk space. On a fast Pentium III it will only take a fraction of a second to search through millions of data entries and come up with the item you searched for. Once you typed in your information, finding something is very easy. Just type any character, word or partial word and every card with that combination pops up. Every entry is a keyword. Unlimited storage capacity. Thousands of database applications can be done with this unique product. Price only $ 9.95

ISBN: 0911827129

TITLE: HelpDir File Manager

AUTHOR: Roberts, Samuel D.

DESCRIPTION: This is the File & Directory Manager you need for your Personal Computer. MS-DOS or any Windows 3.X to WIN 95/98, runs on any configuration. HelDir is a lightning-fast, easy to use, intuitive and powerful file and directory management utility. It makes everyday file management chores a snap. HelpDir is really unique. It is a must for every DOS and Windows user. Complete range of file managment utilities: Cnange, COPY, MOVE, ERASE, RENAME, SORT Files and Directories by just pressing a key or click a mouse button. Search for Files on your disk or hard drive, read, edit and print files, print directories, integrated text editor, start DOS programs directly from the file manager or from a built in menu program. Price $ 9.95

Elcomp Publishing, Inc. is established since 1979. It is one of the few Publishers worldwide who started to inform the computer user in the early days of the microprocessor revolution. Elcomp Publishing published books for all major Personal Computers, their operating systems and application software ever since. Our authors are very experienced and with this background knowledge you are always insured to find excellent content and practical advice for your daily use of computers and software.

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