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 Clip Art Paradise Image CD-ROM  
Creativity on Call. Profit by the talent, of outstanding artists. Your personally Clip Art Shop on CD-ROM. Royalty free, all images are originals

comes with 145 page ( part color) printed image catalog
for all operating systems and graphics software including  Win95 Win98 Win 98SE Win NT Win XP Win 2000 WinME DOS Win 3.11, all MAC OSes and all Linux Distributions.
please contact us today and ask for order # 8008, internet special $ 9.95 for the CD-ROM including the 145 page printed image catalog

These precious artworks are published by catagory in an uncompressed image format (TIFF) You may use any commercial or open source graphics application to convert these outstanding images from TIFF into almost any other popular image format. (Such as JPG, PNG, GIF, WMF, BMP etc.)
The pictures on the CD-ROM are new releases.
From the following areas:
Animals    Computers     Food & Beverages     pretty girls
Household Bavaria Dinos Gymnastics animals
Fashiom Beauty Easter Household mysterious
Cars Art Optics Countryside Bar, Restaurant & Drinks
Witches Bursts & Blurbs Faces Mid Eval Transport
Stone age Business Fantasy Music XMAS
Tools Chemistry Fashion Personalities Symbols
Computers Plants Sexy Sports Women
Here are some sample images from this outstanding clip art CD-ROM.
I reduced the images as much as I could to fit as many as possible into my website. The images carrying a templete to
write your message in are perfect for advertising and webdesign.
Clip Art Paradise
Creativity on Demand. Professional pictures in color and black & white,
created by talented artists.

Every single image is a very high quality artwork from extremly talented artists from California, USA.
Just take a look at some of the images, which are reduced for use in webdesign here, to show you the quality of the clip art ictures.
Most image are high resolution bitmap images. This makes sure that you have excellent results on printers with 300 und 600 dpi resolution. Use the images royalty free to spice up your website, your WORD document or your presentation.
Larger images can be scaled down and converted into any of the image formats used for the  world wide web WWW. ( GIF, JPG or PNG ) I personally recommend the famous Open Source graphics application named GIMP. GIMP is available for all  WIN und Linux versions. 
Tip: Images used for webdesign usually have a 72 dpi resolution.For  desk-top publishing DTP andWordprocessing ( Word, Open Office etc)  the image resolution should be in the area of  300-600 dpi or even 1200 dpi. The images from this clip art collection will meet these standards with perfection.
Excellent use for: 
advertising & flyers
banners & signs
invitations & greeting cards & logos
envelope design
party invitations 
batchelor party invitations
ebay auction design
business cards
school homework
tatoos & body painting
book & magazine illustration
letterhead design
castle1.jpg hist10.jpg

This is another sample image from the  Clip Art Paradise CD-ROM.
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